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WiSA wireless home theater system

The key to a great home movie experience is a great sound system. But if you’ve ever looked into buying an A/V receiver and all of the attendant speakers you need to create a surround sound system, you’ve noticed that it can be an expensive and complicated commitment.

All of those speakers need to be wired to the receiver, which in many cases means hiding speaker wires. For some, it’s a fun challenge, but for most folks, it’s so daunting that they find themselves turning to the next best thing: Soundbars.

Now, soundbars are an awesome solution for getting better TV sound. However, these systems won’t provide the kind of fully immersive sound that a dedicated set of wired speakers can provide, which has led many companies to create models with additional speakers and subwoofers.

Read more: https://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/hands-on-with-wisa-wireless-home-theater/

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