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Create a truly smart space with our Smart Home Services


We  will create a single roaming network that allows for full coverage  anywhere in the house and yard.  This is a must in todays world.  These  are centrally wired systems keep full bandwidth throughout and your  devices streaming smoothly.   


Bring  the enjoyment of music to all rooms of your home with installed  speakers.  We are a top Sonos dealer and integrator and can bring you  the Sonos usability with an aesthetically appealing design.  Never touch  a piece of equipment again other than your smartphone for control of  all areas of your house. 


Lighting  control is one of those pieces of a home that once you live with it,  you will wonder how you ever lived without it.  Automate daily turn of  lamps, lights, and landscape.  For instance, have the interior lamps in  specific rooms turn on at sunset and the entry light and landscape  lights turn on at dusk.  These are smart systems that automatically  adjust based on the time of year.  With lighting control you can  eliminate the multiple switches at main junctions of the house not only  becoming easier to use but much more aesthetically appealing.   


Protect  furniture and flooring and add a grand touch to your smarthome.  Black  out your bedroom for the best sleep you’ve had in years.  Again,  motorized shades are a feature of the house that once you live with  them, you will never live without them again.  These can be installed  into recessed ceiling pockets complimenting many of todays contemporary  designs. 


With our systems you can easily adjust HVAC in all areas of the house from home or away. 


MEDIA  ROOMS / THEATERS:  Most homes built today are open concept with limited  space for a theater room.  We can create an amazing space with in wall  and in ceiling speakers with a recessed mounted TV to keep the style in  line with your home.  Or if you have a theater space, we can create an  experience that far exceeds going to a movie theater.  

About Us


Ventura Smart Home is a division of Central Coast Audio Visual based out of Carpinteria, CA.  We specialize in smart home infrastructure, installation, and programming.  Founded in 2009, our team has years of experience designing, prewiring, installing, and programming systems of all levels.  Whether you’re looking for a simple audio system or a fully functional smart home, we are here to help. 

What is a “Smart Home”:


A smart home is one that is equipped with network-connected products (i.e., "smart products," connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or similar protocols) for controlling, automating and optimizing functions such as temperature, lighting, shading, security, safety or entertainment, typically by either a phone, tablet, or voice control.  

Our Specialties


We will work with you, your architect, designer and builder to plan for the proper wiring and infrastructure needed to accomplish your desired systems.  We specify and install equipment we have had years of experience working with helping eliminate the confusion of a cluttered smart home market where many devices don’t work nicely with others.  Please review our services below for further information.   

We are dealers and installers for these brands and many more



 Sony, Samsung



Sonos, Sonance, Origin Acoustics, Revel, JBL, Monitor Audio

Control Systems:


Sonos, Savant,Control 4, Universal Remote 

Lighting / Shades:





Savant, Lutron

Commercial Projects:


Through our parent company Central Coast Audio Visual we can help you with

any large commercial projects. Our team has completed Audio Visual systems Fortune 500 Boardrooms, Restaurants, Bars, Country Clubs, and Hotels.

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