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Ventura Smart Home is a division of Central Coast Audio Visual based out of Carpinteria, CA. We specialize in smart home infrastructure, installation, and programming. Founded in 2009, our team has years of experience designing, prewiring, installing, and programming systems of all levels. Whether you’re looking for a simple audio system or a fully functional smart home, we are here to help.


Serving our clients on California’s Central Coast since 2009.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards and are constantly refreshing our


We are a C10 licensed electrical contractor.


With over 10 years experience and real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us to create your ultimate home sanctuary.


Our team has completed Audio Visual systems Fortune 500 Boardrooms, Restaurants, Bars, Country Clubs, and Hotels.

  • "My experience with Central Coast Audio, and Lennon in particular, has been fantastic! Having recently moved to the area, I had some of my own equipment, but needed to supplement with some new stuff as well. Lennon gave great advice, and everything he recommended and installed has worked flawlessly ... Couldn't be happier with Central Coast Audio Visual!! 5 stars!"

    Susan B.
    Source: Google Reviews
  • "Great designs, presented options for different budgets, and provided great post sale support and service. Never tried to over sell us. They are true professionals (and perfectionists when it comes to quality). CCAV has continued to promptly support us and treat us fairly for over 3 years. Highly recommended."

    George I.
    Source: Google Reviews
  • "Chris and Lenny are fantastic. They came and quickly reviewed our smart home needs and came up with a cost effective plan that met our needs. Their team was courteous, exceptionally clean, and very fast. They know thier technology and found a great way to give us a smart home that was not confusing and actually fun to use! Thanks CCAV!"

    Danielle M.
    Source: Google Reviews



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