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New Smart Home Security System Eufy

Eufy is Anker’s smart home brand, and they just launched their campaign for a wire-free security cam—the EverCam. The EverCam’s late entry into this market segment allows it to address common issues that other security cameras face. This includes annoyances like battery life, tricky installation, and an unending stream of tedious false notifications every time your pet barks at the mail carrier. Eufy’s 1080p HD EverCam cameras connect to a Security HomeBase. After connecting the hub to your wireless router, the HomeBase stays in constant communication with up to 16 cameras over a low-frequency wireless signal. The base automatically switches to WiFi once it starts recording, and stores the footage on a microSD (it comes with a 16GB card). Most current security systems store your footage on cloud servers, which are typically convenient, but costly.

Read more: https://www.popsci.com/eufy-evercam


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