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Hiring Professional Smart Home Installer

As smart-home platforms have matured, it’s now possible to set up a smart-home system all by yourself. However, doing it yourself can still be a tremendous pain. Cameras need to be mounted, thermostats have to be installed, and smart locks require you to tug out your old, non-smart deadbolt before they can be installed. Beyond the physical installation, there’s also the struggle of getting all your disparate devices and services talking to each other. Luckily, there’s a rapidly growing number of professionals happy to help you get your smart home up and running. If the thought of pulling out light-switch plates and determining whether you have neutral wires installed fills you with trepidation, you may want to consult a pro. You can certainly get many smart-home installs without being Bob Villa, but a robust home-automation solution will require hands-on installation work.

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