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Best locations to install security cameras

Are your home security cameras placed where they will be most useful? Where you place your home security cameras does matter, whether you currently have a few installed or are searching for a good bargain on a new one. There are specific places that best deter criminal activity and provide you a clear view of your property for both inside and outdoor cameras.

There is no one-size-fits-all rule for security camera placement because your home and yard’s layout, your budget, and your goals for home security are different from those of your neighbor. However, based on the vulnerabilities in your home, this guide will assist you in taking into account all parts of your home security system and determining which ones are very essential.

Although you might imagine that burglars typically enter through side doors, data reveal that the front door is frequently used. Package thieves are also more prone to commit their crimes there. Everyone entering and leaving your home, including family members, babysitters, delivery personnel, and others, is recorded via a camera at the main door.

Whether they are invited or not, people can enter through out-of-sight doors unnoticed. According to statistics, a lot of break-ins take place through the back door as well. Add cameras to your secondary doors to assure complete knowledge of everyone who enters and leaves, especially if one of them is utilized as frequently as or more frequently than your front door, or if one seems especially alluring or accessible to an intruder.

Because they have one of the weakest access points, garages are frequently targeted by burglars. A camera positioned at your driveway or garage keeps an eye on everyone using the cars, bikes, tools, barbecues, sports equipment, and other items. The camera aids in keeping you linked if your garage is unattached. If the garage is attached, the extra security guards keep an eye on yet another potential entrance to your house. You could want a camera at the gate at the end of your driveway to catch anyone trying to enter.

You can keep an eye on anyone looking at your house from the outside by keeping an eye on the yard. It’s useful for recording the actions of children, animals, and intruders.

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