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Smart home gadgets

Alexa is one of the most widely used smart-home gadget to be gaining traction on the market. It is now possible to use your phone to fire up your crockpot, turn on the lights and heat, unlock and re-lock the front door, play music and watch what’s happening in every room at your home. The latter function, which is accomplished through video-streaming cameras from companies like Nest, has proved especially helpful for Valerie Crowell of Concord. “I check in on Bubba every day,” Crowell said, referring to her 85-pound Doberman. She could even speak to Bubba if she so chose, but “he gets freaked out that he can hear my voice but can’t figure out where I am,” Crowell said.

Read more: https://www.berkeleyside.com/2018/03/27/music-cooking-lighting-joke-cracking-smart-home-gadgets


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